SCOTTISH CHARITY NUMBER SC006235 THE CHARITY LEGAL NAME St Andrews Church of Scotland: Dumbarton


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Welcome to the website of St. Andrew's Church of Scotland in Dumbarton, here in Scotland.

The church will be closing on 30th June 2024.

Why is this happening?

There are three Church of Scotland churches in Dumbarton. Each with falling congregations, falling revenue and lack of ministers. Keeping the three churches in the town is no longer viable and so there will be a “Union” which will take place in the near future once all three congregations have agreed and voted for it.

When that happens Riverside church will be the worship centre for Dumbarton and renamed Dumbarton Parish Church of Scotland. Then the United Church will be able to “call” a Minister.

In the meantime the St. Andrew’s Kirk Session have decided, because there is already interest from people to buy the property from the Church of Scotland, and there are very few “live” services now (all normal services are streamed onto the screen from one of the other churches) and we continue to have the financial outlay of keeping the building up to scratch, it is better to close the church by the summer. By that time, if the Union has not already happened, our small congregation will go to one of the other two churches for Worship.

It is quite possible that the Union will happen before that closure date but we will remain open until the summer so that the groups who hire and use our church have time to make other arrangements.

It is sad that the Church which was Dedicated on 30th March 1958, and so many have attended over the years, is now closing. Times have changed and we have to look forward in Faith. God's will be done.



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